Coaching for Allied Health Professionals

Life as a health professional can be very stressful. Do you sometimes wonder how you keep doing so much with so little? Do any of the following challenge you?

  • lack of work-life balance
  • keeping up-to-date
  • excessive demands on your time
  • insufficient funding to get the work done
  • unreasonable demands made of you
  • paperwork
  • clutter
  • complaints
  • change
  • political pressure
  • un-read journals
  • emails
  • too little time with family or friends
  • unable to ‘switch off’ when on holiday
  • taking work home
  • lack of self-care

If any or all of the above resonate with you then you are not alone. SKJ Consulting coaches health professionals to deal with these challenges.

Case Study: Allied Health Practitioner

James is a health professional who has operated his private practice successfully for 30 years in a large regional city. He commenced coaching with SKJ Consulting regarding some staffing issues. Coaching with SKJ Consulting allowed him to work through his concerns, identifying and resolving the known and unknown barriers in his staffing relationships and allowing better outcomes for him personally, for his business, and for his associate too.

To rise to the challenge:

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