Who we are

Organisational excellence depends on people.  At SKJ Consulting the focus is on people, performance and capacity through purpose and well being.

Are you sticking to your purpose?

Do you know what your purpose at work and in life is?

Does being at work enhance your life?


People are your organisation’s biggest asset. At SKJ Consulting we work with a growth mindset and believe that individuals have the capacity discover their own solutions with the right support.

Coaching with Sharee is to work in a safe space, exploring new thinking and developing emotional intelligence, targeting development and growth, bringing about change and progress for themselves and their organisations. She will ask the powerful questions with compassion, insight and integrity drawing on extensive experience in organisational, coaching, health and counselling psychology.

Working with SKJ Consulting can

  • enhance the emotional intelligence of your people, develop personal leadership capability and support your people through change and role transition
  • improve well-being of your people and organisation through coaching and facilitation of mindfulness and communication programs
  • improve the productivity and profitability of your organisation by improving workforce capacity and resilience
  • provide practical, innovative, values based solutions, tailored to your organisation and its individuals


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