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Learn more about mindfulness

What causes Anxiety and Depression – Inside Out.

by Mind Set Aug 2016.


Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

Practicing mindfulness is one of the single most powerful things you can do for your wellbeing. By Happify

The Backwards Brain Bicycle

Neuroplasticity: your brain’s ability to change its structure and function.  A fun experiment to see neuroplasticity in action. Notice how our brains develop bias. This affects how you perceive the world in all that you do. By Smarter Everyday.

Empathy transforms our connections

Paul Parkin | TEDxUVU Jul 9, 2015  – The nature of empathy.

The Relaxation Revolution: Herbert Benson

Pioneer of mind body medicine Herbert Benson discusses his book, “The Relaxation Revolution: Enhancing Your Personal Health Through the Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing,” presented by Harvard Book Store.

Pain and Me: Tamar Pincus talks about chronic pain, acceptance and commitment

Professor Tamar Pincis: her personal interpretation of research on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for chronic pain. Royal Hollaway Psychology, University of London. Mar 2017

The Science of Meditation – can it really change you?

ABC Catalyst June 2016 – New research shows that it can affect the body as well as the mind, slow down the aging process, and even alter the structure of the brain. Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an eight week meditation course and undergoes a raft of rigorous brain tests and scans, to find out if the ancient art lives up to the current hype.

Meeting the needs of the patients as a doctor

Prof Roberts recently speaking in Australia at the Australian College Regional and Rural Medicine Conference. Discussing the importance of meeting the needs of the patients as a doctor. Worth taking half an hour to listen to his insights regarding evidence based research and patient centred care.