Personal leadership always comes before leading others.  SKJ Consulting offers lots of ways for you to grow your leadership skills and those of your team members.

Individual Coaching – Emergent Leaders and Star RecruitsAvenue of trees

One-on-one coaching for emergent leaders, focused on performance and development

360 Assessments

Conscious leadership doesn’t happen by accident.  To learn more about your strengths and reactions take the global leadership, Leadership Circle Profile (360) profile and find out what’s really going on!  The Leadership Circle Profile will show you what you believe consciously and unconsciously and how that compares to the way others perceive you. You can learn more about the Leadership Circle Profile here.

Sharee is accredited with the Leadership Circle to deliver the leadership circle profile and the culture survey, coaching the 360 assessment to grow effective leaders.

Group/Team Coaching

Regular group coaching together at your workplace builds team loyalty and focus.

Sharee, as coach, will hold a contained space for exploration and trust, to grow beyond what you can do already. Group coaching is for groups who work together and need to increase their capacity and energy.  Group coaching is also for those with a common goal such as chamber of commerce organisations of franchise groups.

Leadership development program

A combination of workshops and group coaching

Communication and Emotional Intelligence workshops

Good communication is a foundation skill.  Sharee will help you build emotional intelligence, empathy and communication skills through experiential workshops.  Improving the way the individuals in your organisation

  • Lead with their strengths
  • Communicate and influence,
  • give and receive feedback,
  • interpret situations and maintain perspective

will have an immediate impact on your organisation’s ability to achieve its goals. All stakeholders will notice a difference when your people communicate well. Being able to convey your organisation’s vision and purpose will increase values alignment within your organisation, improve your recruitment processes and improve your client/patient relations, making interactions smoother and reducing conflict.



Sharee is also available to speak to your group about coaching, mindfulness and leadership including neuroscience and wellbeing.

Recent presentations

  • Latrobe Women in Business
  • HTW SERA conference
  • The Police Association Victoria


By listening carefully and helping individuals get to the heart of their own stories, Sharee helps her clients make the changes required to grow their capacity and make the changes they desire in their lives, including at work.