Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching for Senior Executives focused on development and performance.

This is a powerful process increasing performance, achieving results and optimising personal effectiveness, allowing leaders to develop their influence within the organisation.

“The synergy of executive coaching and mindfulness meditation is compelling” (Brendel and Stamell, Harvard Business Review, 26 Jan 2016) Read full article on our blog

Does your workplace make you happy?

A beautiful example of leading from our own essence. Remember leading ourselves first is the most important part of leadership, that’s when we are in touch with our Why and live lives filled with meaning.

Tackling the global epidemic of workplace unhappiness Oberdan Marianetti | TEDxNTU Tedx Talk


Engaging the Millennial workforce

Watch this 15 minute video of Simon Sinek sharing his ideas about managing Millennials (those born after 1984).  Worth watching to reflect on a number of things including:

  • that your employees come to work for you with a lifetime of experiences – they are more complex than the sum of their parts
  • the mobile phone culture in your workplace
  • the role of delayed gratification in building relationships and skills
  • the impact your workplace environment is having on your people

These kinds of conversations occur in coaching with Sharee.  Conversations that are reflective, focused and lead to workplace change by choice, rather than reflex or autopilot.

To increase your performance:

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